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Coffee Table

Design 2021 - Massimo Bianchi

The Spillo table offers minimum volume. The HPL top has a visible perimeter edge of just 3 mm. The underneath steel frame has geometries to maximise the strength and sturdiness of the top, allowing lengths up to 250 cm. The frame and the supports, which are made of steel and conical in shape, give an overall maximum volumetric lightness.

Fixed tables / Rectangular tables / Round tables / Outdoor use

Legs to admire!

Born from the desire to create a table as light as a feather, SPILLO enjoys minimal visual obstruction both in terms of its top and base. The underlying frame in rectangular geometries is a complex steel lattice structure, whose steel supports, built using the coning technique, have minimal dimensions while ensuring rigidity. A project that appears simple but is actually complex.

Minimalism that doesn't go unnoticed.

For circular and barrel-shaped forms, there is also a version with central supports and bracing struts, which maximize the usability for diners and stiffen the table structure even with diameters up to 160cm.

SPILLO is available in 7 shapes and sizes ranging from 130 to 250 cm.

Thousands of

Each EXTENDO table or chair collection is configurable in dozens of combinations. By mixing the color palette of the various base, top and seat materials, you can discover the wide range of possibilities offered by our designers.

Get inspired by some configurations

Coffee tables

Spillo coffee tables



Coffee tables

Spillo coffee tables



Materials and surfaces

The R&D team, working with a keen eye on continuous technological and material innovation, has come up with new finishes that make up a rich color palette: alongside shades of gray, natural materials such as solid woods and brass, and finishes derived from nature such as eco-touch composed of cork, linseed oil and jute.

The finishes are applicable to all collections, and create perfect harmony in both home and office environments. Come and view our collections and choose finishes at our stores.