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Design 2021 - Massimo Bianchi

The patented extendo system consists of two extendable aluminium profiles that can be adapted to environments of various heights. Using the foldaway lever, the profiles can be blocked at the desired height and compressed between floor and ceiling, without having to use any kind of pre-fixing tool.

Walk-in closet / Wardrobe system / Variable height walk-in closet

A system even for sloped ceilings.

The patented telescopic system adopted in the PERSONAL collection allows you to position the vertical profiles at heights ranging from 210 to 340 cm.
There is also a “super profile” version to reach heights up to 400 cm. Reduction is not a problem either: if your sloped ceiling is lower than 210 cm, we reduce the aluminum profile and you will have a mini telescopic upright to perfectly adapt to the height at the placement point.

Maximum compositional freedom.

The SYSTEM patent used in the PERSONAL collection allows for maximum vertical flexibility. The telescopic uprights with self-locking system adapt to every height of the environment. Over time, if you move to a different house or room, you won’t have to worry if the ceilings are higher or lower, and your wardrobe will adapt perfectly. Wall-mounted uprights are also available.

A complete collection of every accessory to organize your wardrobe.

In addition to the countless solutions of the vertical uprights, the PERSONAL collection is complete with: shelves, shelves with hanging bar, bars without shelves, containers with open compartment, multi-drawer cabinets on wheels or suspended, shoe racks, and many other accessories. Your wardrobe will be as organized as you like.

A patent to adapt to
your spaces.

Such a flexible system in both the design and installation phases. The profiles adapt to the desired height, and a soft pack placed at the top creates a dynamic force that compresses the telescopic profile. The system can be installed even in the presence of sloped or plasterboard ceilings, on the wall or freestanding. It’s one of our most versatile systems, check out all the installation possibilities.

Custom corner solutions for every space.

Adapting the entire size of the wardrobe by creating reductions on the corners is certainly the most correct and convenient thing in terms of costs. The PERSONAL corner shelves, also available with hanging bar, have a standard size of 90×90 cm. Reducing the angular span will allow you to leave the others modular to store containers.

Accessories, but indispensable.

Personal is also rich in the smallest accessories. Some of them allow you to display the pieces of your outfit that you are most fond of as if they were in the showcase of your favorite brand. We invite you to discover at the nearest retailer the endless design possibilities, materials, and finishes that will allow you to customize your wardrobe.

PERSONAL you can place it

Floor / ceiling

Floor / wall

Sloping ceiling

Free positioning
in height and width

Shelves can be positioned at any height (to the centimetre). L modules (cm) 60 / 90 / 120 H modules (cm) 210 / 400

Be inspired by
some configurations

Walk-in closets




Walk-in closets




Walk-in closets




Walk-in closets




Walk-in closets




Some projects based on the
most common applications

Personal corner walk-in closet with drawers, shelves and hangers


Personal corner solution on two sides with sloping ceiling


Personal walk-in closet in niche with drawers and hangers


Personal walk-in closet on three sides with drawers, shelves and hangers


Personal solution on two parallel sides with drawers, shelves and hangers


Personal walk-in closet on three sides on the wall


Materials and surfaces

The R&D team, working with a keen eye on continuous technological and material innovation, has come up with new finishes that make up a rich color palette: alongside shades of gray, natural materials such as solid woods and brass, and finishes derived from nature such as eco-touch composed of cork, linseed oil and jute.

The finishes are applicable to all collections, and create perfect harmony in both home and office environments. Come and view our collections and choose finishes at our stores.