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System multimedia

Design 2021 - Massimo Bianchi

The Extendo telescopic pole and Extendo wall profile are products easily accessorised with a universal monitor support bracket, shelving for multimedia units or shelving for books, magazines, DVDs and CDs. The cable-tie clips supplied with the monitor bracket enable wiring outside the profile.

TV support size: 40″ – 65″ / 360° swivel TV support

Rotation up to 160° for monitors up to 65 inches.

The use of the patented EXTENDO rod as a TV support has been a catalog project for two decades. Its great versatility in space makes it one of the most used TV support solutions. The very small footprint of the compression system between floor and ceiling makes it possible to place it even in the most challenging spaces of the house.

Cables always hidden.

SYSTEM MULTIMEDIA is compatible with all TVs ranging from 40” to 65“. The power cables pass through a cable channel with a “double c” shape, allowing cables to pass at any height of the telescopic profile. The cables can power the TV even if prepared from the ceiling.

Versatile solutions for every type of application.

The applications are numerous, but the most used is the solution with the telescopic vertical profile that is installed between the floor and the ceiling. There is also the possibility of installing the aluminum profile on the wall, available in different lengths. The latter can be accessorized with monitor support brackets, DVD shelves, and other accessories available in the catalog.

Not just a TV stand.

There is a wide range of accessories available in the catalog to set up the telescopic floor-to-ceiling profile or the wall-fixed profile. By combining the various accessories, you can create very versatile compositions even in smaller spaces, configurable as small libraries or to support multimedia units, CD racks, vinyl, etc.

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System multimedia




System multimedia



Materials and surfaces

The R&D team, working with a keen eye on continuous technological and material innovation, has come up with new finishes that make up a rich color palette: alongside shades of gray, natural materials such as solid woods and brass, and finishes derived from nature such as eco-touch composed of cork, linseed oil and jute.

The finishes are applicable to all collections, and create perfect harmony in both home and office environments. Come and view our collections and choose finishes at our stores.