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(RAL 7044) Metal components (steel and aluminum) powder coated. Powder coating is used in the industrial production to coat metal surfaces for decorative and protective purposes. It consists in covering the surfaces with a homogeneous film of particles through electrostatic attraction and subsequently heating the component in order to melt and polymerize the powders. Compared to liquid painting, this type of processing has a higher mechanical and corrosion resistance, low flammability and high precision in application. The powder paints used are composed of pigments and thermosetting resins, totally non-toxic and solvent-free. For these reasons, powder coating can be considered an eco-friendly and low environmental impact process. All of our components, which are ordered for outdoor, undergo further processing of “cataphoresis” to increase their resistance to corrosion. Most of our colors are coded in the international RAL range, in order to help the designer in the combination with other products.