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Design 2021 - Massimo Bianchi

This is a TV support column designed to host new generation TV installations either mounted on the wall or in the centre of the room with the utmost flexibility. The cable integration system designed by extendo makes it possible to completely conceal cables enabling the TV to freely rotate a full 360°. The turntable swivel base and the multimedia device cable containment system in the lower part of the support column are accessories.

TV stand size: 40″ – 85″ / 360° swivel TV stand

Place the TV at the center.

A Teflon disk mechanism allows the upper tube to rotate continuously at 360° without predetermined positions, even with cables inserted. APOLLO is the perfect support to place your TV in a living area with large windows where wall anchoring is not planned. The complete rotation allows you to view the TV from every angle in your space.

Cables always hidden.

APOLLO is compatible with all TVs ranging in size from 40″ to 85 “. It is equipped with two steel panels at the rear attached with a quick-release system that requires no tools, making access to cables simple and fast. The cables are inserted from the top and come out from the bottom in various modes. Even with cables inserted, the TV can be rotated 360°.

Attention to design
starts from the details.

APOLLO with its wide and stable 4-spoke base allows the TV to be positioned in every room of your home. It has been designed to manage and hide cables in various situations, with access from under the circular support or from one of the ground supports.

A 360° view for monitors up to 65 inches.

APOLLO has a basic configuration composed of only the TV support, and other accessories are available such as: DVD shelf, sound bar shelf, and a set of wheels to make the TV support mobile.
These are all configurations visible in the composition (TV stand APOLLO config. 02).

Get inspired by some configurations





Materials and surfaces

The R&D team, working with a keen eye on continuous technological and material innovation, has come up with new finishes that make up a rich color palette: alongside shades of gray, natural materials such as solid woods and brass, and finishes derived from nature such as eco-touch composed of cork, linseed oil and jute.

The finishes are applicable to all collections, and create perfect harmony in both home and office environments. Come and view our collections and choose finishes at our stores.