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Design 2021 - Massimo Bianchi

Designing a table inspired by bridge structures has made it possible to produce a 400 cm top in a single piece. The tensioning tie rods system of the base makes the structure extremely robust and resistant to lateral stresses and guarantees perfect planarity of the top.

Fixed tables / Extendable tables / Rectangular tables / Round tables

Shapes dictated by functionality and inspired by modern architectural trusses.

When style and engineering design a table.

Inspired by the static schemes of steel bridges and trusses, we conceived a large-scale table. The T12 structure is capable of supporting, in a single piece, tops up to 500 cm in length, and it is precisely the available size of the top that limits the creation of larger tables.

A 400 cm top remains undistorted thanks to the tie-rod structure.

Table versions ranging in size from 300 to 400 cm adopt a tensioned tie-rod system. Once installed and positioned as desired, the tie-rods are tensioned using a screw to stiffen the entire structure and adjust the height of the top at the midpoint.

The perfect pair.
T12 and ECH3 seat.

T12 is the collection that least influences the choice of chair design to be placed around it: the table and chair combination can be well interpreted with the pairing of ECH3 chairs.

T12 is available in 2 shapes with dimensions ranging from 200 to 600 cm.

If a giant table is not enough, you can always add another one.

Designed for large sizes, T12 is available from 200 to 400cm with a single top. In office settings where an even larger table is needed, T12 features a central support that joins the two tops, resulting in tables up to 600cm in length. The tie-rod system provides extreme rigidity even to the largest tables.

On T12, your cables will always be tidy.

For your office and home office projects, it is possible to apply one or more cable grommets to any table in the collection in the central part.

A table tailored to your needs.

T12 is available in countless dimensional variations and allows for centimeter reduction. Reduction is available in all geometries, with rectangular and barrel-shaped tops.

Thousands of

Each EXTENDO table or chair collection is configurable in dozens of combinations. By mixing the color palette of the various base materials, tops, and seats, you can discover the wide range of possibilities offered by our designers.

Get inspired by some configurations





Materials and surfaces

The R&D team, working with a keen eye on continuous technological and material innovation, has come up with new finishes that make up a rich color palette: alongside shades of gray, natural materials such as solid woods and brass, and finishes derived from nature such as eco-touch composed of cork, linseed oil and jute.

The finishes are applicable to all collections, and create perfect harmony in both home and office environments. Come and view our collections and choose finishes at our stores.